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We Represent Clients and Lawyers

Ethics and legal malpractice litigation present challenges for clients and lawyers alike. Filing a successful legal malpractice claim is not easy, and clients must often prove a “case within the case” to obtain a favorable verdict. And lawyers who prevail in malpractice litigation may still confront ethics issues.

We represent clients and lawyers in ethics and legal malpractice litigation. Our lawyers have decades of experience on both sides. We are intimately familiar with the claims and defenses and understand what is at stake for both parties. 

Our Experience Encompasses All Types of Alleged Ethics Violations and Legal Malpractice

We represent clients, lawyers, and law firms in all types of ethics and legal malpractice cases. Some examples of the types of cases we handle include:

  • Incompetent legal advice (including cases in which lawyers “dabble” outside of their primary areas of practice)
  • Disregard of client instructions 
  • Failure to supervise associate attorneys, paralegals, and other professional staff
  • Inadequate or ineffective communication between the lawyer and the client
  • Conflicts of interest, covering up mistakes, misappropriation of client funds, and other forms of wrongdoing

Key Issues in Litigation

Regardless of the substantive allegations at hand, several key issues frequently dictate the outcome of ethics and legal malpractice litigation. We have overcome these issues for clients and raised them as defenses. Founding attorney Philip J. Harvey has served as an expert witness concerning these matters in numerous cases as well:

  • Factual disputes (i.e., whether the client’s or the lawyer’s version of the events is an accurate representation of what transpired)
  • Causation (i.e., whether the lawyer’s alleged ethics violation or legal malpractice was a proximate cause of the client’s losses)
  • Damages (i.e., to what extent can the client prove that any losses sustained are attributable to the alleged ethics violation or legal malpractice as opposed to other factors)

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